Where We Work

where we work

METAMORFS - a trusted human partner !

At METAMORFS we concentrate all the effort on putting attention to each client, taking the extra mile to meet clients ‘expectations’ and often go beyond their expectations. That is why we recognize the fact that in HR industry, a new thought-leader is needed to bring out new ideas and concepts which will be converted into direct benefits for the clients. Differ from the traditional HR Services Company, METAMORFS encourages our teams to be more creative when developing solutions and to strive for excellence when delivering them.

We are here to undertake the role of bringing new concepts to the market and become our ‘clients’ real HR partner. Ultimately, that’s what businesses are about. Look behind the most successful companies in the world and you’ll find highly motivated, capable, focused people getting the job done. In these fast-paced times, finding the right people to fill your key corporate positions is crucial. It could make all the difference between healthy profits and dismal losses. But finding that “Right” person is often a difficult, time-consuming process, an uphill task, and before that search finally ends – successfully, you have to endure several failed attempts to fill that key position. The solution would be to have potential candidates for your positions short-listed through a stringent, careful, professional and confidential process. That’s what we can do for you.

where we work

Listening is METAMORFS's most important executive search tool.

Sure we’re plugged in to cutting-edge technology and an extensive network of contacts built over decades, but it’s ‘listening’ that helps us to finally zero-in on the best people for the job.

We listen to what our clients want. And, more importantly, what they need.

And we listen to potential candidates so we understand what it is they can offer our clients, and what they themselves want.

Twenty years on and with thousands of executive search assignments concluded, we still depend on our most powerful tool.. our ears.

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