Managed Services

Managed Services
About Us

Metamorfs has undisputed strength to implement and manage multi-ERP deployments in a secure and resilient private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment. We have strong technical and functional consultants, having offered services across a diverse range of industries and markets.

With offices worldwide and customers across all business segments, Metamorfs has a deep and diversified customer base with longstanding relationships, offering Cloud Solutions, Managed Services & Consulting Services for mission-critical applications.

Having internal pool of talent, comprising of technical, functional consultants & architects, we have leveraged our range of services to global clients and most recent has been ‘EDGE, UAE’, Dubai Customs.

Your business-critical applications need to run uninterrupted around-the-clock. To make your ERP applications work undisrupted, meet business-demands, and be future-proof, it is crucial to continually supervise and enhance ERP environments. Managing an ERP landscape can be challenging, time-consuming, and requires expert skills. A Managed Services Provider can help in streamlining your business processes, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and enables you to focus on our business goals by freeing your teams from managing your ERP environment.

Our unique pool of trained and certified experts understands the nuances of ERP and have expertise in handling ERP environments across various industries. We leverage our infrastructure and, application management expertise to create a fool-proof strategy for managing mission-critical business applications.

Managed Services
Managed Services Offerings

At Metamorfs, we provide reliable ERP managed services that assure high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring your ERP operations are running without interruptions. As a Managed Services provider, we meet the requirements for a client on its compliance, data protection, scalability, and availability of its ERP applications.

Be it be upgrades to customizations to standard managed services to new implementations, infrastructure administration, Migration & Provisioning support, Cost optimization, Monitoring & Management, Reporting & Control, we support you with personalized services, delivery & operating models. Our dedicated team(s) takes care of your total environment and provide 24x7x365 assistance in managing your ERP applications.

It is important to have a Managed Services partner who can help a company plan, build, and run business-critical enterprise applications around the clock and around the world. Additionally, this partner can help a company meet the challenges due to insufficient expertise, capacity, and talent available in- house and ensure ERP systems always work smoothly, is carefully maintained, and can meet future business needs.

Our added professional services include assisting our clients on “tech support, sales inquiries, complaints, contract renewals, billing, and more” for the existing customers looking to solve their complaints or inquiries.

Oh, and inbound calls don't always have to be “calls” either—as in on the telephone—inbound calls can also include inquiries via live chat, email, and even social media.

These calls are made by existing customers looking to solve their complaints or inquiries - sales inbound calls – Another name for them is 'warm calls'.

Pleasingly our team address those in “multi-languages.

Values that you.

Our mission to make 'Our Client Smile More' isn't easy, so we have values that reflect that level of ambition.

Our five values are:

  • Dependability:
    • We do what we say we'll do when we say we'll do it.
  • Ownership
    • We own projects problems and solutions from start to finish.
  • Accuracy
    • Our clients know that we'll get it right.
  • Clarity
    • We communicate clearly and concisely.
  • Joy
    • We find the joy in what we do.

Highly experienced and certified teams with proven prowess in ERP upgrades, implementations, maintenance, and support.

Global Presence

9 countries, 18 locations, with huge pool of certified and skilled global resources.


Globally one of the oldest and largest SAP partners managing huge HANA workloads. 180+ Large Enterprise Customers, 50+ S/HANA Projects delivered.

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